Friday, July 15, 2011

Top Gear love Annabel too!

Ok so let's face it, when it comes to the technical side of the Audi A1, I don't really know what I'm talking about. I know what I like, but I don't necessarily know why I like it. So I decided to do some research on what the experts think, but firstly I established a list of what is important to me when purchasing a car.

Non- Negotiable ...


Ok I know you probably all think I'm superficial, but who wants to spend thousands of hard earned $'s on something that you look at every morning and think 'Oh goodness you are one ugly car!'


For saving cash and because I care about the environment


Comfort is essential for me when travelling lots of hours every week

This means enough room in the boot for my makeup and hair cases. Also the majority of the time it's just me in the car, so back seats aren't a priority, but as I've said before, I love options!

Air Conditioning

After 4 years of no air-con with my first car, I vowed never to do that again!

Extra features that I would like be aren't essential...

Sound System

Nothing crazy, I'm not someone who drives around town with the windows down and the music 'cranking' but I do like it to be clear when I turn up my favourite song!

Also a CD player/stacker, iPod connectivity, or something similar so that I don't have to change CD's all the time.

Bluetooth for my phone

Lets face it, 'speaker' on iPhone sucks!

Fun Electricals

Power windows, automatic lights or wipers etc are always fun!


For weaving in and out of traffic!

All of these considered, and no I'm not being bias towards Annabel - although she is pretty amazing - almost everything was met in both categories. I believe my lists are very similar to what most women my age would be looking for in a car.
Research time ... So apparently everyone likes Top Gear. I must say that whenever it's on TV I leave the room- I may regret admitting that, it's just something that has never interested me. However, I respect that they know what they are talking about when it comes to cars, and are probably the best in the world at comparing different models and brands.

So here's what Top Gear had to say about the Audi A1.

'Audi's Mini is finally here'

Audi has joined the market of small, luxury, sporty cars and is definitely a strong with loads of custom options to personalise the A1 to suit you. On the outside... They particularly like the lights. Shaped similarly to that of the Audi A8 and R8 (Annabel's much sportier older siblings) as well as the 'Sporty European Shape'. On the inside... Considering word on the street is that Audi used an aeroplane as inspiration, the Top Gear guys commended the air vents that resemble turbines and the wing shape to the dash.

They then go on to talk about the engine, the bit that goes well over my head! Basically what they say is 'it goes fast!'

You may like to read the full Top Gear review.

You also may like to watch this video from You Tube.

My conclusion...

It gets the reviews from the experts and the general public that it deserves! A well rated car all round!

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