Monday, July 11, 2011

Annabel and Cupkate | Day3

So today was back to work, but one of the beauties of having my own business is that when I get brain fried from sitting on the computer, I can take some time out!(Sometimes anyway) Especially when there is a fabulous Audi A1 named Annabel sitting in the driveway!

Anticipating Dad's birthday (12th July) I decided to venture to Wheel & Barrow at Ferry Rd Markets for cupcake making supplies, and mum was keen to expereince Annabel's brilliance, so it was decided.

I also had the chance to quickly put together a CD before we left as I had only used the radio so far. I'm not going to tell you what was on the CD because generally speaking, my passengers don't always give me credit for my song choices! However, I love the feature where the songs pop up on the little screen so you can see their names and easily select to yours ear's pleasure! It also has an SD slot, so you can load up your SD card with media (songs, clips and movies!) and play them through the car - I know you're thinking 'WOW! This is so awesome!" I got pretty excited when I worked this out too!

Today's Favourite Annabel Feature

So I have kind of already answered this one... But defintely all of the different media options you have and how easy they are to use. You can also run your mobile phone through the system - This isn't set up on Annabel yet, as she is a demo for the Audi Centre Gold Coast and she doesn't really have an owner :( -I know, it makes me sad too.

Stay tuned for tomorrows update, including pics of the cupcakes I made!

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