Sunday, July 10, 2011

A1 Day1

So it's finally here! I felt like a little girl on Christmas Eve!
I picked up the A1 on Saturday morning from the beautiful new Audi Centre Gold Coast at Southport. Damien and Felix showed me through the car and all of its functions and features to get me through the week!

For those of you who don't also keep up to date with my facebook, I was contacted recently to have an extended test drive of the new Audi A1 and report back about my thoughts. After much deliberating (all of 1 second!) ,I agreed and have been itching for the day when I pick it up since!

So over the next week I will be bringing you lots of updates on the A1 which I have named 'Annabel', and our adventures!

Being a European car, the wipers and indicators are on opposite sides to my Rav, so I was slightly embarrassed when I hadn't even left Audi, and flicked on the wipers! Oopss! Haven't done it since though!

Michael and I had planned to go to the races, as well as the Reds V Crusaders game at Suncorp Stadium on Saturday - the perfect chance to get comfortable with Annabel!
It was soooo comfortable to drive up to Brisbane in, even with two adults in the back. Which I found very surprising for a 2 door car! It was super easy to park, and it's hard to not feel a bit flash when you look at the steering wheel and see the trademark Audi logo!

Today's Favourite Annabel Feature

The automatic head lights! Not only is it great that they just switch on by themselves when they are needed, but when you turn the car off, hop out and lock it, the lights stay on for about another 30seconds. Just enough time to get inside the house without being in complete darkness! Makes finding your house key sooo much easier!

Overall Day 1 in the A1 was lots of fun! (Ok I know that's a little bit lame, but I'm in love and that's what it does to us!)

And I never want to give her back!

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