Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm back!

So its been a while since my first little stint of 'blog crazy Kate'! I was away on a little holiday! :) But now i'm back and into the full swing of things.

This week (only got back on Wednesday) I did a test shoot with the gorgeous Caitlyn. I am really looking forward to seeing these, as I always am! Ive also had wedding trials and have a big day full of them tomorrow as well!

In my spare time I am working on my home studio which is finally starting to come together! I am still waiting on my mirror, so have covered the area with pictures for the time being, and then just the floor. I love it though!!!! Especially my bench tops! They are glass that lifts up allowing me to change the images under it when ever I want!!!!

I have also been working towards my goal of getting more published work this year :)

Watch this space!!!

Take care! (ill try not to leave it so long between blogs this time!)


Thursday, January 14, 2010

oh so quick...

Firstly I want to say thanks to my 9 followers! (Yes one of those does include myself) So stoked :) and also if you are yet to have a look at my website please do! I am having some updates done soon and would appreciate your feedback.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ok so maybe i'm over doing it but its my first day off blogging... Also I felt that if you havent seen this before that I owed it to fashion to put it out there!
I love the whole concept! Expecially the 'ho down' style sounds of Lily Allen.
A masterpiece... but would we ever expect anything else from Karl Lagerfield and Chanel???

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So it begins

Here it is... MY FIRST BLOG... so be nice! Let see if I can stick to it!

The last two days have been crazy busy with processing quotes and enquiries from the Wedding Links Expo on Sunday. I was so amazed at how many 'brides to be' there are out there! It was lovely to meet them all. I love hearing about everyones wedding plans.

My good friend Elle helped me out all day and did an amazing job! It was also Elles smartness that suggested I start blogging! Thanks beautiful :)