Sunday, July 10, 2011

Me and Annabel! Day 2

I have this re-occurring dream where I have this amazing wardrobe (similar to Carrie's in SATC) but the racks are motorised and I press a button and they move around so I can select my clothes. Everything is hung (I hate folded clothes!) And my shoes have their own little homes. It's always so devastating when I wake up to find it wasn't real! So Sunday morning the first thing I did was check that Annabel was real- once that was confirmed, it was time to work out how to give her breakfast (fuel). 20 mins later and still no sign of opening the fuel cap, I decided to ask Michael for some help. Sure enough all you do is press the fuel cap and it pops open. So glad I didn't wait until I got to the petrol station!

Sunday was such a beautiful day on the Gold Coast, the perfect opportunity to take Annabel for a cruise! Starting with brunch at Burleigh with Mike, then lunch with my family at Harrigan's Irish Pub at Calypso Bay. It was great taking the A1 for a drive up the M1 and getting to play with the cruise control. It's so smooth to ride in, and driving on my own meant I could turn my music up loud and not get paid out! On the way back I went a different way home, through windy roads. This was a really good chance to see how Annabel went on the corners etc. With the traction control I felt super safe and in control!

Today's Favourite Annabel Feature
Definitely have to say the cruise control. It's really easy to use. You just press one button and flick the switch and taa-dar, it's set. Then you just tap the breaks to turn it off! It also gives you a digital reading of the exact speed you are doing on the dash when you set it, so you can make sure that you are smack bang on the speed limit!

Stay tuned for tomorrows adventures!

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