Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sprouting Smiles!

This morning I had to opportunity to do makeup for a very lovely lady, Rah Poolman, for some photos of herself and her family for her business.
I met Rah for the first time about 6 weeks ago when our paths crossed at a business building seminar and I was so inspired by the life she lives.

Rah is the owner of Sprouting Smiles. Sprouting Smiles was founded with the idea that living and raw foods can be for real people, living in the real world. And I tell you what, to all of those people who have ever asked the secret to perfect skin, you need to see Rah! Her skin is divine and it's not because she uses a million skincare products!

From the moment I stepped into her home I felt healthier! I was so intruiged to watch her making breakfast for herself and her son Jade, a smoothie using fruits that I have never eaten! I even got a taste and it was delicious!

Rah also eats a considerabley raw diet, I asked her whether her family do the same. She said not all the time, its not about being on a strict 'Raw' diet, but more about being in tune with what it is that our bodies want. With all of the processed chemically enhanced foods that most of us put in our mouths every day, how do we expect to be able to hear what our body is trying to tell us that it wants???

So today I have made a commitment, thanks to Rah's inspiration to start making small lifestyle changes that will allow me to listen to what it is my body wants!! Being ceolic and lactose intolerant, it is often hard for me to find alternatives that are convenient with my busy lifestyle. So I have decided to do some more reseach and spend more time on preparing my meals rather than getting take away!

I am very thankful to meet such wonderfully inspiring people from all different walks of life everyday in my job. A big thanks to Rah for inspiring me to listen to my body!

Make sure you check out Rah's, website!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Riverwalk Robina

A few weeks ago I worked on hair and makeup for advertising shots for the Riverwalk at Robina. The fabulous model was Chloe of Division Models. On Saturday I was very happy to see one of the shots in the Gold Coast Bulliten in the property section! I will defintely be keeping my eyes peeled for where else these shots appear!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

This weeks expert interview with Amanda

This weeks expert interview is with the very lovely Amanda.
She married Nathan on 12th February 2011 at The Colonial Golf Club Robina

What did you love the most about your wedding hair and makeup?
I would have to say all of it, I felt stunning and thats just what a bride wants to feel on her big day. My makeup was done by Kate and it was everything I could have ever imagined. I have had makeup done before and you can feel like you have a load on and can get really sweaty form it, but Kate and her airbrush makeup it was truley 'AMAZING' , it was so light I forgot I had any on. Kate also looked after my bridesmaids, my mother and mother in-law and even my beautiful flower girls. All the makeup was done to suit each person individually and I loved it!

Laura from Kate McKenna Hair & Makeup did our hair and she was 'FANTASTIC' I had changed my mind on how I wanted to have my Bridesmaids look and only told her morning of the big day, I must say she did an amazing job, it was exactly what I wanted.

Did you have a trial? And did you find this beneficial?
Yes I did have a trial, and recommend everyone to have at least one. I did mine 2-3 weeks before our big day. I found leaving it closer to the wedding date it helped me with deciding as I was so indecisive. Both Laura and Kate were so lovely and very helpful in helping to decided what suited and worked well with me, my veil, headpiece and dress.

Is there anything you would have changed?
Nothing at all.

Do you have any advice for 'brides to be' regarding hair and makeup?
Don't stress yourself out about what style you think you might like just have a few different options, the right hair and makeup team (Kate and Laura) will help you find out what suits you. Do take into account the weather, if its indoor or outdoors, windy, sunny.

Are there any other people in the wedding industry that you found exceptional to deal with and would like to refer other brides too?
Defintely Kylie from Kylie Maree Photography - she was amazing
Robert from RPB Productions
Clarah Luxford - Marriage Celebrant
Taya from Delisciously Decadent Cakes
Skye from Skye Collections

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gold Coast Bulletin

Over the past two Tuesdays I have been very excited to see my work in the Coast Confidential section of the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Just in case you missed them take a look below!

Hair and makeup

Makeup by Kate, for Oscar Oscar Salons

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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Essential Brush in your Makeup Kit - MishMash Kabuki

Women spend hundreds of dollars every year on makeup products, which to me means that it is all the more important to ensure that you have excellent quality tools to get the most out of your products. This means good quality brushes!

For many of you out there, a kabuki is part of your daily makeup routine, for others, you may have never even heard of it! The kabuki is a firm haired, medium bristle length brush. It usually has a small handle and is super cute! They are used for dry products such as powder, blush and bronzer as well as contouring and highlighting. Personally I like to use mine for powder and bronzers.

Recently I was given the opportunity to have a play with the first brush released from the MishMash Makeup range, the kabuki, and here is what I thought...

Aesthetically this is a great looking brush. Firstly it has a really great design on the outside, and lets be honest, not only do we want our brushes to work for us - we like them to look good too! The outer casing is made of a durable metal - I think this is very important as our brushes live a tough life being thrown in and out of bags, being dropped and getting used day in, day out! When you remove the lid there is also a retractable casing around the bristels.

Now I have to admit when I read on the packaging that it is 100% synthetic I was a tiny bit disappointed, I have always been one to opt for sable (animal hair) brushes, mostly because they tend to stay softer for longer and seem to hold together a lot better - which means value for money. However I have been extremely impressed! It doesn't feel at all like a synthetic brush and is extremly soft! (I even caught my boyfriend brushing it on the back of his hand in awe at how soft it was!) I also washed it a number of times in water and shampoo and allowed it to dry (as I do with all of my brushes) and I am yet to see it loose a hair!

Ok so now for the important bit... How does it perform while applying makeup???

It's great! The product goes on evenly, but still allows for building up. The versatility is fabulous! It's perfect for every makeup kit. You only need one brush for powder, blush/bronzer and highlighter or contouring. I used the brush fully retracted for powder as I was covering the whole face, for blush, bronzer and contour/highlighting, I needed to by more specific with where the product was going so I retracted in by only about 1/4.

Another great bonus, if you fully retract the brush , swirl it around in your powder, tap the base on the bench, and close it back up - you can put it in your bag for touching up your makeup throughout the day!

Overall the Mish Mash Makeup Kabuki is a WINNER!! With an opening price of just $19.95 (RRP is $32.95) I recommend buying this one right now!
I can't wait for the rest of the range to be released!

To purchase the MishMash Kabuki follow this link ...

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La'Bouqui Hair Design Opening

On Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of doing the makeup (along with my lovely new assistant Leah) for the dancers who performed at the opening of La'Bouqui Hair Design at Paradise Point.
Not only was it the official opening of this beautiful salon, but also a Worlds Greatest Shave event. The donations jar was full to the brim and there were plenty of people willing to paint their hair fluro in the name of cancer!

I am always so inspired when I see other young business women taking the plunge into building their own business and Angela is no exception. It is amazing to see what she has created at such a young age and her passion is infectious!

I highly recommend going along to see the girls at La'Bouqui for your next hair service. I am certain that you will be more than happy with the service you recieve!

I look forward to watching Ang's success in this very exciting venture!
Make sure you become a fan on La'Bouqui on facebook

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Monday, March 14, 2011

My Number One Beauty Tip! (As seen on jesKAA Designs)

Spend the money and see a good brow shaper! A well sculpted set of brows can make the world of difference and can make you look so much younger!

My recomendations for eyebrows...

D'Lashes Beauty at Southport
0422 624 966 or 5591 2382
Perfect Eyebrows - Michael Dib Q Super Centre
0405 250 848

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Expert interview - Jayde

Todays expert interview is with beautiful Jayde, who married Scott on 19th February 2011.

Where was your wedding?
Burleigh Point, then the reception was a Sea World

What did you love the most about your wedding hair and makeup?
It was flawless, everything was just the way we wanted it! It was so light yet stayed on all day and night without sweating off - and it was hot!

Did you have a trial? And did you find this beneficial?
Yes, I needed to have one so I knew the hairstyle I had chosen was actually what I wanted and that it looked good on me.

Is there anything you would have changed?
Nothing at all!

Do you have any advice for other brides with regard to hair and makeup?
Find some pictures of what kind of look you like, Kate and Laura are amazing!

Are there any other people in the wedding industry that were exceptional for you to deal with, and you would like to refer other brides to?
Kate of course, Scott Belzner Photography, RPB Productions and Tarn Bennett from

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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Just recieved an email today with some beautiful images of Bianca's wedding!

Makeup by me, hair by Laura. Take a look!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RPB Productions

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about RPB Productions. They were recently filming a wedding I worked on, and I am absolutely blown away at how beautiful their footage is!
Take a look at the video and make sure you 'like' them on facebook.!/pages/RPB-Productions/308982690299

I love Roberts work so much, I have asked him to do some filming for my website! Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

I just came accross this ad for Sofitel Broadbeach with hair and makeup by me! You can find it in the current issue of Gold Coast Magazine.
Styling is by Marloe Morgan, photos by Dan Molloy and models (Chloe and Justin) - all can be booked through Division Models and Division Creative.

I have also included a couple of behind the scenes shots so you can have a look at the hair and makeup close up!

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Expert Interview

Welcome to my first interview with one of my brides who was recently married. I have decided to bring you regular interviews with 'wedding experts' including those who have done it themselves! To help you with the planning progress! If you have any questions that you would like answered by other brides, email them to me at and I will be sure to include them in my next interview! Enjoy!

Today I am speaking to the lovely Melissa Parkinson who was married on 23rd January 2011. Melissa is currently on her year long honeymoon, but found the time to do this interview!

Where was your wedding?
On the sand at North Burleigh
What did you love the most about your wedding makeup?
I loved how natural I looked.I hardly ever wear makeup. I don't wear it everyday so I was a bit worried that I wouldn't look like myself but that wasn't the case.

Did you have a trial? If so did you find it beneficial?
I did have a trial about 4 months before my wedding day and everything was perfect on the big day. It was beneficial to me because as mentioned before I don't wear makeup so this gave me the opportunity to see Kates work and how everything would be done on the day.

Is there anything you would have changed?
No not at all. Kate was so lovely and nice and really made me, my bridesmaids and my mum feel comfortable.

Do you have any advice for brides to be regarding hair and makeup?
I would say to defintely have a trial and speak up if there is anything you don't want or like. Everyone is only trying to help you and make your day exactly what you want. Only go with people and companies that you feel happy with.

Are there any other people in the wedding industry that you found exceptional to deal with and would like to refer to other brides?
Everyone that was a part of my wedding was fantastic. To start with Kate was amazing!
Hair - Debbie at hair affair Burleigh Heads
Flowers - Karen at Flower Hunt Robina
Photography - Caroline at Mihaja Photography
Celebrant - Tarnya Bennett

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I would like to say a massive thank you to Kate for helping in making my day perfect. You made me look and feel so beautiful and I thank you for that. I would highly recommend Kate for any makeup occasions. Thank you Kate!

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kate Anderson

Recently I had the chance to work on hair and makeup for the look book of up and coming label 'Kate Anderson' . This weekend she will be launching her latest collection in Sydney at Fashion Exposed. It was a great shoot and Kate is extremely taleneted! Can't wait to see how far this beautiful label goes!
(Hair and makeup - Kate McKenna, Photos - Dan Molloy, and Model Chloe, Jess K and Angie - All from Division Models)
Take a look at these shots from behind the scenes, can't wait to see the look book all finished!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

GC Wedding Magazine - Real Wedding

I was so excited when I came across this in the current issue of Gold Coast Weddings magazine. Please excuse the lack of skill in scanning! But I have re-written the 'hair and makeup' section below.
Thank you so much for your kind words Alex!

Hair and Makeup Kate and Laura from Kate McKenna Hair and Makeup are gods! They drove all the way down to Kingscliff at 6am to work their magic. I also used her for my trash the dress photos. Kate uses airbrush foundation which is amazing, our makeup was perfect. I cannot thank Kate enough on the amazing job she did on our hair and makeup, everything went so well on the day and I truely believe that Kate created the perfect start to the perfect day!!!

I am always so delighted to hear when my brides are happy with their hair and makeup, but this one brought a tear!! Thanks for being a fabulous bride Alex!

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Photo shoot portfolio package....

If you are a model and looking for some amazing new images for your portfolio I highly recommend taking up this opportunity with the amazing Dan Molloy Photography. You also will have your hair and makeup done by me!

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