Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sprouting Smiles!

This morning I had to opportunity to do makeup for a very lovely lady, Rah Poolman, for some photos of herself and her family for her business.
I met Rah for the first time about 6 weeks ago when our paths crossed at a business building seminar and I was so inspired by the life she lives.

Rah is the owner of Sprouting Smiles. Sprouting Smiles was founded with the idea that living and raw foods can be for real people, living in the real world. And I tell you what, to all of those people who have ever asked the secret to perfect skin, you need to see Rah! Her skin is divine and it's not because she uses a million skincare products!

From the moment I stepped into her home I felt healthier! I was so intruiged to watch her making breakfast for herself and her son Jade, a smoothie using fruits that I have never eaten! I even got a taste and it was delicious!

Rah also eats a considerabley raw diet, I asked her whether her family do the same. She said not all the time, its not about being on a strict 'Raw' diet, but more about being in tune with what it is that our bodies want. With all of the processed chemically enhanced foods that most of us put in our mouths every day, how do we expect to be able to hear what our body is trying to tell us that it wants???

So today I have made a commitment, thanks to Rah's inspiration to start making small lifestyle changes that will allow me to listen to what it is my body wants!! Being ceolic and lactose intolerant, it is often hard for me to find alternatives that are convenient with my busy lifestyle. So I have decided to do some more reseach and spend more time on preparing my meals rather than getting take away!

I am very thankful to meet such wonderfully inspiring people from all different walks of life everyday in my job. A big thanks to Rah for inspiring me to listen to my body!

Make sure you check out Rah's, website!

For bookings and enquiries...

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