Monday, March 21, 2011

The Essential Brush in your Makeup Kit - MishMash Kabuki

Women spend hundreds of dollars every year on makeup products, which to me means that it is all the more important to ensure that you have excellent quality tools to get the most out of your products. This means good quality brushes!

For many of you out there, a kabuki is part of your daily makeup routine, for others, you may have never even heard of it! The kabuki is a firm haired, medium bristle length brush. It usually has a small handle and is super cute! They are used for dry products such as powder, blush and bronzer as well as contouring and highlighting. Personally I like to use mine for powder and bronzers.

Recently I was given the opportunity to have a play with the first brush released from the MishMash Makeup range, the kabuki, and here is what I thought...

Aesthetically this is a great looking brush. Firstly it has a really great design on the outside, and lets be honest, not only do we want our brushes to work for us - we like them to look good too! The outer casing is made of a durable metal - I think this is very important as our brushes live a tough life being thrown in and out of bags, being dropped and getting used day in, day out! When you remove the lid there is also a retractable casing around the bristels.

Now I have to admit when I read on the packaging that it is 100% synthetic I was a tiny bit disappointed, I have always been one to opt for sable (animal hair) brushes, mostly because they tend to stay softer for longer and seem to hold together a lot better - which means value for money. However I have been extremely impressed! It doesn't feel at all like a synthetic brush and is extremly soft! (I even caught my boyfriend brushing it on the back of his hand in awe at how soft it was!) I also washed it a number of times in water and shampoo and allowed it to dry (as I do with all of my brushes) and I am yet to see it loose a hair!

Ok so now for the important bit... How does it perform while applying makeup???

It's great! The product goes on evenly, but still allows for building up. The versatility is fabulous! It's perfect for every makeup kit. You only need one brush for powder, blush/bronzer and highlighter or contouring. I used the brush fully retracted for powder as I was covering the whole face, for blush, bronzer and contour/highlighting, I needed to by more specific with where the product was going so I retracted in by only about 1/4.

Another great bonus, if you fully retract the brush , swirl it around in your powder, tap the base on the bench, and close it back up - you can put it in your bag for touching up your makeup throughout the day!

Overall the Mish Mash Makeup Kabuki is a WINNER!! With an opening price of just $19.95 (RRP is $32.95) I recommend buying this one right now!
I can't wait for the rest of the range to be released!

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