Sunday, March 13, 2011

Expert interview - Jayde

Todays expert interview is with beautiful Jayde, who married Scott on 19th February 2011.

Where was your wedding?
Burleigh Point, then the reception was a Sea World

What did you love the most about your wedding hair and makeup?
It was flawless, everything was just the way we wanted it! It was so light yet stayed on all day and night without sweating off - and it was hot!

Did you have a trial? And did you find this beneficial?
Yes, I needed to have one so I knew the hairstyle I had chosen was actually what I wanted and that it looked good on me.

Is there anything you would have changed?
Nothing at all!

Do you have any advice for other brides with regard to hair and makeup?
Find some pictures of what kind of look you like, Kate and Laura are amazing!

Are there any other people in the wedding industry that were exceptional for you to deal with, and you would like to refer other brides to?
Kate of course, Scott Belzner Photography, RPB Productions and Tarn Bennett from

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