Sunday, April 10, 2011

Review - Alpha H Concept Store Arundel

A few weeks back now I had to opportunity to experience a facial at Alpha H Arundel.

Have a read of today's post to see what I thought!

While driving to my late afternoon appointment, I decided in my head what exactally what I wanted from this facial. I wanted it to be relaxing - I wasn't in the mood for painful extractions, and I wanted it to make my skin clearer in the days that followed, not break out first. Lets face it who has time for breakouts??

When I arrived I was greeted by the lovely girls at the counter, and was taken into a room with beautifully soft lighting and an enormous comfty massage bed! I popped on my facial robe and snuggled up under the covers. So far so good! First of all, my therpist started with a beautiful 'welcome massage', these are typically done at the start of a facial to relax your breathing and heart rate to allow you to really enjoy the facial. I found this to be great after a busy day at work it really brought me back into the moment and allowed me to stop thinking about work.

Next I had a papaya and pineapple mask (and yes I did want to eat it!) This mask was quite active and was a bit stimulating on the skin but was soothed with an aqua mist that was sprayed onto my face throughouy.

My skin felt really fresh after this one!

Next was my favourite - The rubber mask! This was applied over my whole face excluding my mouth and nose, but yes, it went right over the top of my eyes inlcuding my lashes! The mask goes on wet and once it's set, peels off in one big piece!(which felt incredible!) While the mask was setting I felt a light downward pressure on my face (just the weight of the mask) which was really relaxing! Now, I'm normally someone who gets extremely claustraphobic, and as I felt it go on, I was a little nervous, but I actually really enjoyed it and would happily do it again!

While this was setting, my therapist gave me a relaxing foot massage - this was a little unexpected and I was totally wishing I had given myself a pedicure!

At the end of my facial, my therapist applied a light SPF 30+ moisturiser which was great! There is nothing worse than leaving feeling like your face is an oil slick!

Now most importantly, how was my skin in the days that followed?

It was fabulous! It looked much brigher and hydrated, and I found my makeup looked so much nicer throughout the day. I was also recommened a few take home products to try, which I have been using since. Keep your eyes peeled later in the week to see what I thought of those!

All in all my 'Rebuild and Support' facial was fabulous! And exceeded my expectations!

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