Sunday, May 1, 2011

2011 Logies

I'm very happy to see old school femine elegance is in! At this years logies it was all about beautifully 'clean' skin, defined eyes (it's nice to see the stars giving the smokey eye a rest!) with natural lips. I'm also loving all of the soft natural curls and elegant upstyles!

Samara Weaving from Home and Away looked absolutely beautiful with a soft upstyle to show off the back of her dress, and beautiful natural makeup with defined eyes
What a cute couple! Rebecca Breeds gets my vote for the most beautiful skin!
This girl is defintely blessed!

I always give credit to someone who is brave enough to rock red lipstick in a white dress!! Well done Erin.

Rebecca Gibney's dress looks so beautiful! But her makeup is a disaster!

Someone get this woman some blotting paper!I love that Jess Marais always looks so classy and elegant, although I would have liked to see a brighter lipstick.
As you all probably know I'm a sucker for a ballet bun! I think Megan Gale has totally nailed it here. Her hair and makeup looks beautiful, without being too much and her dress is devine!

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