Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello! Its been some time since I last blogged. I have been working on some very exciting projects... Can't wait til I can share more!! Definately keep your eyes on this page!

Since I got back from holidays I have been flat chat with weddings! Some beautiful photos will be on their way soon.
I have also just found out that a wedding I did makeup for has been featured on 'Real Weddings' website. Take a look at the link ...

I believe this may also be featured in the print issue of the magazine. I will keep you posted on this one!

For all of the school girls who read my blog (possible o1 of my 19 followers lol) you may be interested in this offer ...

Last night I went along to the AICD fashion design graduation at Lauxes. I mainly went to see Mac&Bain as I love Alana's work. Unfortuntely I wasnt allowed in due to the venue being at capacity(even though my name was on the list-not happy Jan) so watched from outside then went next door to Moo Moo where we were looked after and had a great night! It was a shame as I was also interested in having a look at the hair and makeup by the students, however being outside I didn't get a very good look... so not much to report!

Im off to another fashion event tonight, the opening of a new store... So hopefully I will have something more interesting to share from this one!

See you soon!

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