Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm back!

So its been a while since my first little stint of 'blog crazy Kate'! I was away on a little holiday! :) But now i'm back and into the full swing of things.

This week (only got back on Wednesday) I did a test shoot with the gorgeous Caitlyn. I am really looking forward to seeing these, as I always am! Ive also had wedding trials and have a big day full of them tomorrow as well!

In my spare time I am working on my home studio which is finally starting to come together! I am still waiting on my mirror, so have covered the area with pictures for the time being, and then just the floor. I love it though!!!! Especially my bench tops! They are glass that lifts up allowing me to change the images under it when ever I want!!!!

I have also been working towards my goal of getting more published work this year :)

Watch this space!!!

Take care! (ill try not to leave it so long between blogs this time!)


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  1. Kate... I wanna see moer bloooog! xxxx Love Elle xxxx